"There is only one boss. The customer. And he can fire everybody in the company from the chairman on down, simply by spending his money somewhere else."

- Sam Walton - Travis Biggert

Our Prime Clients (Growth Stage) aligning with IAMUSAP goals

Cast Foods -

The Safest Foods

- Mr.Yohan

Highlights: Seed Funded and Provisional Patent Registered oil free fryer


Flames | Fluids | Solids

- Mr.A.Mukund

Highlights: Biochar valorized from Agro Forestry Weeds

Kapidhwaja Vaahanas - The Rapid Racers

- Mrs.Banumadhi

Highlights: Smart Light weight racing horse / bull chariots

Our Prime Clients (Early Stage)

aligning with IAMUSAP goals

EduFoods -

Read| Eat | Repeat

- Mr.S.Jaiseelan

AVertisement -

Lease| Loop | Lead

- Mr.S.Gokull Baalaji

Studezine -

We Will Write

- Mr.D.Vignesh

Golden Green Goods -

Go with Green;

Grow with Gain

- Mr.K.Gopalakrishnan

Shaolin Shark Sports -

The Physical

Play Store

- Mr.S.Ragumathulah

Shaolin Shark Studio - Innovative Studio for Inspirational Video

- Mr.M.Mukesh Babu

Pasumai Green Enterprises -

Social Venture for Sustainable Future

- Mrs.M.Meenakshi

Next one can be your business

- Reach out to us for further discussion, If your business aligns with IAMUSAP Goals

Pipeline Clients

  • Dr.C.A.Y.Bhanu Priya, Director, BR Medical Research and Software Solutions

  • Mr.Vimal Raj, Managing Partner, Skills Care Engineers

  • Mr.Ariharan, Founder, EcoVaiyam

  • Mr.Sivaprakash, Asst. Professor, Gnanamani Engg., College.