TEAM - Together Everyone Achieves More

Mr. Jaiseelan Sivanandham

Chairman, IAMUSAP Ventures &

President, Vision T20 Factory

Mr. G. Radha Chandar

Chief Executive Officer, IAMUSAP Ventures &

Vice-President, Vision T20 Factory

Mr. A. Mukund

Chief Operations Officer,

IAMUSAP Ventures

Mr. S. Gokull Balaaji

Chief Marketing Officer,

IAMUSAP Ventures

Mr. M. Sriraaman

Sr. Advisor, IAMUSAP Ventures &

Vision Director, Vision T20 Factory;

Mr. Govindan N Raj

Spl. Advisor (Business Development), IAMUSAP Ventures &

Mission Director (InCUBE),

Vision T20 Factory

Mr. D. Vignesh

Spl. Advisor (Sustainable Development), IAMUSAP Ventures &

Mission Director (SEED),

Vision T20 Factory

IAMUSAP - Operations Team

  • Mr.D.Dharani Dharan, General Manager (Operations)

  • Mr.U.Krishnaprasanth, HR Manager

  • Ms.S.Dhanapriya, Manager (Training & Development)

  • Mr.S.Durai Murugan, Manager (Establishment & Maintenance)

  • Mr.S.Arunprasanth, Manager (Data Analytics)

  • Mr.B.Gokul, Procurement Manager

  • Mr.R.Gowtham, Procurement Manager

  • Mr.R.Nithish Kumar, Finance Manager

  • Mr.M.Praveen Rajan, Finance Manager

  • Mr.K.Kavinraj, Inventory Manager

  • Mr.K.Sheak Dhowoth, Manager (Documentation & Operations)

  • Mr.D.Gowthaman, Manager (Operations)

  • Mr.K.Ponmudi, Manager (Operations)

  • Mr.R.Praveen, Manager (Events & Campaigns)

  • Mr.N.Manikandan, Manager (Events & Campaigns)

  • Mr.K.Gopalakrishnan, Manager (Campus Ambassador Program)

  • Mr.T.Naveen Kumar, Manager (Campus Ambassador Program)

IAMUSAP - Business Development Team

  • Mr.M.Abdul Kader, General Manager (Business Development & Marketing)

  • Mr.S.Jayasuriyian, Manager (Data Analytics & Demand Forecasting)

  • Mr.K.S.Deva Balaji, Manager (Networking & Communications)

  • Mr.M.Rajasekar, Training & Business Development Manager

  • Mr.V.Akash, Business Development Manager

  • Mr.S.Akash Kumar, Business Development Manager

  • Mr.S.Sabinesh, Business Development Manager

  • Mr.N.Mahadeermohamed, Manager (Branding & Promotions)

  • Mr.S.Jeeva, Marketing Manager & Coordinator (i/c), Cluster Network

  • Mr.B.Stephan, Manager (Sales & Marketing)

  • Mr.R.Ajay, Manager (Sales & Marketing)

  • Mr.M.Ajith, Manager (Sales & Marketing)

  • Ms.K.Monica, Client Relations Manager

  • Ms.K.Anu, Client Relations Manager

  • Ms.G.Monisha, Client Relations Manager

  • Ms.E.Janani, Client Relations Manager

IAMUSAP - Cluster Management Team

  • Mr.S.Jeeva, Coordinator (i/c), Cluster Network

  • Mr.G.Prabhu Deva, Logistics Manager

  • Mr.A.Vineeth, Cluster Network Manager

  • Mr.M.Karuppaiya, Cluster Network Manager

  • Mr.S.Sivanesh, Cluster Network Manager

  • Mr.A.Arutpragasam, Cluster Network Manager

  • Mr.S.Abinesh, Cluster Network Manager

  • Mr.M.Ramkumar, Cluster Network Manager

IAMUSAP - Technical Team

  • Ms.R.Nandhini, General Manager (Research & Development)

  • Ms.K.Maatarini, Manager (Quality Control & Assurance)

  • Ms.C.Dhivya, Design Engineer

  • Ms.C.Kangapreethi, Instrumentation Engineer

Career Openings

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